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Date  Followers Following Uploads
2019-02-05 Tue 5,113,136 - 3,151 - 4,133 -
2019-02-07 Thu 5,136,890 +23754 3,159 +8 4,139 +6
2019-02-08 Fri 5,142,592 +5702 3,159 - 4,142 +3
2019-02-09 Sat 5,150,902 +8310 3,161 +2 4,146 +4
2019-02-10 Sun 5,154,153 +3251 3,162 +1 4,147 +1
2019-02-11 Mon 5,165,522 +11369 3,165 +3 4,150 +3
2019-02-12 Tue 5,186,449 +20927 3,169 +4 4,156 +6
2019-02-13 Wed 5,190,031 +3582 3,169 - 4,157 +1
2019-02-14 Thu 5,197,082 +7051 3,170 +1 4,163 +6
2019-02-15 Fri 5,201,175 +4093 3,171 +1 4,165 +2
2019-02-16 Sat 5,208,275 +7100 3,176 +5 4,169 +4
2019-02-17 Sun 5,213,743 +5468 3,176 - 4,169 -
2019-02-18 Mon 5,221,343 +7600 3,173 -3 4,171 +2
2019-02-19 Tue 5,233,794 +12451 3,173 - 4,174 +3
2019-02-20 Wed 5,250,533 +16739 3,176 +3 4,178 +4
Total Summary +137397 +45

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Current Stats 2019-02-20 5,250,533 4,178
30 days 2019-03-22 5,594,033 4,298
60 days 2019-04-21 5,937,533 4,418
3 months 2019-05-21 6,281,033 4,538
6 months 2019-08-19 7,311,533 4,898
9 months 2019-11-17 8,342,033 5,258
1 year 2020-02-20 9,429,783 5,638
1 year and half 2020-08-20 11,513,683 6,366
2 years 2021-02-19 13,609,033 7,098
Based on an average of +11,450 followers /day +4 uploads /day

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< 1,000 8%
< 5,000 5.7%
< 10,000 4%
< 100,000 2.4%
100,000+ 1.7% Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk 1.31%

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View Post Please please please diversify your platforms and content and start using the attention you have here on #Instagram to build up your email list, texting platform, #twitter #youtube and #facebook accounts, your #podcast and #linkedin profiles.

My friends this isn’t a recommendation it’s a warning.

I see insta being a huge platform for the next 5 years but what about after that? Or what if I’m wrong and the consumers attention evolves quicker to some new platform that launches tomorrow?

Tag an #influencer or someone you care about who’s all in on Instagram and making their living off of it.

#garyvee #perspective #mindset #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia 2019-02-20 image Please please please dive.. 6,972 291
View Post what’s up Instagram this video is a must for everyone who follows me. Get this concept through your skull and watch your life evolve into happiness

Tag someone who needs a reminder 2019-02-19 video what’s up Instagram thi.. 31,730 801
View Post For all my content producers. This is a marathon. We all have big projects we are hoping to drop, a new album, a new video a new book a new course a new business a new a new a new.

Please promise me when it doesn’t meet expectations that you understand that that project was just part of the #journey not the #destination.

Everyone always thinks “this is gonna be it” there is not “it” I’m just starting, I haven’t reached anything yet.

Keep your chin up but most of all keep your #perspective right! Once you understand “the game” aka “the process” is the goal, everything changes.

Tag a marathon 🏃 runner! Who’s gets it.

Tag someone who needs a reminder.

#mindset #garyvee 2019-02-19 video For all my content produc.. 69,973 3,431
View Post One of my all time favorite moments of the last few years.

On this #tuesdaymorning I really hope this little clip puts things into #perspective

Whether you are sad to go to work after a nice 3-4 day presidents weekend vacation.

Or you’re upset with your gift for Valentine’s Day ♥️. Or let down by something you expected to happen so far this year.

Or are struggling to figure out what to post on Instagram

Or are always struggling with other peoples opinions

Or tired of the negative attitude of your boss, spouse, parents, children

Or can’t seem to get out of debt

All of those things are things you can do something about.

Health on the other hand, your health or someone’s you deeply love are sometimes things out of your hands.

Please understand this little clip.

This lovely lady ran up on me as I was leaving the Confrence and sprung this question on me and my answer is very telling of my subconscious state.

Tag your favorite 2 people on #instagram

#garyvee #onelife 2019-02-19 video One of my all time favori.. 159,285 4,005
View Post I made this video on 2008 after I got 100’s of replies on my blog for making a #business video and was told by the masses that I should “stay in my lane and just be a #wine guy” and I didn’t have the “right” to talk business.

Imagine if I took that advice and “stayed in my perceived lane”

So many of you today are “ #influencers” in your “lane” but you’re more than just that and you want to share your ideas with the world.

Please take the advice I took and if you’re passionate about spreading your wings please start making that content! Now!

#tag someone who’s ready to try something else.

This isn’t about something new this is in addition too!

#perspective #mindset #garyvee #opportunity 2019-02-18 video I made this video on 2008.. 69,062 1,817
View Post My point of view on luck

@czarface_eso with the bars 🎵

Tag someone who is putting in the effort, work, thoughtfulness and passion. While equally awake that she or he don’t control everything and serendipities matter.

#perspective #socialmedia #mondaymotivation #mindset #fuckluck #garyvee 2019-02-18 video My point of view on luck .. 15,315 747
View Post From 2007 to 2011 I spent hours and hours and hours and hours aka 7pm-midnight everyday replying to people on twitter and searching “terms” (aka hashtags in instagram talk) that I could jump into to create conversations and awareness around who I was and what I was about.

So many of you are #entrepreneurs #smallbusiness and #influencers and want to grow and if I look at your last 10 posts you haven’t replied to anyone.

Everyone wants a community and a following, few nurture or earn it.

Tag someone who needs this.

#mindset #perspective #putinthework 2019-02-18 video From 2007 to 2011 I spent.. 106,591 4,111
View Post Click the triple dots ••• and turn “on notifications” if you don’t want to miss posts.

The algorithm on Instagram will go through many changes in the next year or 2 and it would mean a lot to me if you took a second and tuned it on.

Tag someone who should do this with their account.

Please leave a comment if you just did this and turned it on, I want to DM a few of you.

#entrepreneur #garyvee #instagram #notifications #socialmedia 2019-02-17 image Click the triple dots •.. 54,423 4,568
View Post I’m always doing because I’m not dwelling or worrying about  other peoples opinions, comments, lack of likes and all that.

I listen to feedback and it’s important to understand it and contextualize it but to navigate your life around other peoples “hot takes” is just a sad way to live and not very productive.

Much like sports, #business really relies on thoughtful speed and ultimately that’s the “return on investment” of not giving a fuck.

Tag someone who could use this.

#perspective #selfesteem #entrepreneur #sundayvibes 2019-02-17 video I’m always doing becaus.. 66,020 1,839
View Post Actions matter! This one is for all my introverts out there.

No dwelling allowed, either you keep at it and make yourself uncomfortable and eventually get there and are good at networking.


You outsource it. A great thing to do it have partners and teammates cover the things you aren’t as good at and divide and concur.

Tangible advice that needs to be understood by a lot of people here on the “gram”

Whatya think?

Tag someone who could use this. 2019-02-16 video Actions matter! This one .. 83,997 2,157
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